Why Facebook matters for Libraries

If you’re not already reading David Lee King’s blog, I have only one question: why not?

Example, a guest post he wrote for the Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) about Facebook Pages:

What if there was a way for your library to get the attention of 51% of your local community? For free? Would you do it? I’m guessing so.

Guess what? There IS a way to potentially do that – by using Facebook! Edison Research (they do market research studies, among other things) recently announced that 51% of Americans age 12+ are using Facebook. And this stat is rapidly growing. Some other interesting Facebook facts on the average Facebook user:

  • They have 130 friends
  • They make 8 friend requests per month
  • They spend 15 hours a month on using Facebook
  • They visit Facebook 40 times a month, and spend 23 minutes per visit
  • They are connected to 80 organizational Facebook Pages, Groups, and Events

Nice statistics, David – but what does this mean for Kansas Libraries and librarians? A couple of things. For starters, you really should be using Facebook. First as an individual, then as a library. Why individual first? Easy – in order to create a library Facebook Page, you have to have a personal Facebook profile. One that’s actually you – no accounts with fake names, or special “library-use-only” accounts. Doing that actually goes against Facebook’s Terms of Service.

Good stats, great writing.


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