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Sending a nice thank you to librarian Elizabeth McArthur who not only attended my Managing Your Library’s Online Reputation presentation at the Texas Library Association’s annual conference, but also seemed to be paying attention:

I also really enjoyed a marketing presentation given by Sandra Fernandez, Public Relations Manager at the Houston Public Library. She did a great job of talking about the challenges of marketing public libraries and the importance of going about it in a structured manner.  I loved that she stressed the importance of the big picture–as in, if you’re just marketing, marketing, marketing without a plan, you’re not really accomplishing anything. For instance, the Houston Public Library has four areas of focus. Each week, the marketing department meets to discuss what programs and events they are going to give high-priority to, and each of these events must fit into one of their four focus areas.

It’s always nice to know someone is paying attention and understanding what we’ve said. Thanks!

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