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Tips on improving your YouTube videos

Library tech expert David Lee King has a series of blog posts with tips on getting the most our of your Youtube videos. If you’re like me and just getting started on Youtube, these tips will come in handy.

Pretty pictures and nice shots are good, but your video needs to get to the point. In “Youtube – The First 15 Seconds” King covers what you should include in the first part of your video — “The goal? Make sure your viewers know what they’re watching.”

…here’s what Youtube says we should do:

  • Get to the point immediately – put your most compelling content first!
  • Quick teaser or summary of what’s going to be in the video, done by the person in the video. You can also welcome/greet the audience or ask a question/spark the viewer’s curiosity. Think inverted pyramid writing style, but for video.
  • branding, packaging, intros, … not as important, especially up-front. Let the content come first.
  • Intros should be minimal and short – 5 seconds is an optimal length

Don’t focus just on the video itself. King reminds us that “Youtube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine in the world.” So descriptions, metadata, links, and other info are all very important too. In his post about metadata, King recommends making the most out of these areas:

  • video title
  • video description
  • tags — “Tags are used as search terms in Youtube, and you want to use as many of these as possible.”

In “Focus on Youtube – Use Annotations!” he reminds us to use annotations because they’re easy and a good way to include a call to action.

For libraries and other organizations, I can see three types of annotations being really useful:

  1. subscribe button – ask people to subscribe to your Youtube channel
  2. next/previous video – link to another video of yours – this keeps people watching your channel
  3. Text annotation – use it to ask people to like the video, leave a comment, or subscribe…

And once you’ve done all this, don’t forget to acquaint yourself with your Youtube insights to find out whether you’re being successful.


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