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Authentication, encryption, and integrity work in concert to protect the data you send out over TLS/SSL enabled websites. In this age of widespread criminal computer hacking and overbroad surveillance from government entities like the NSA, encrypting the web against interception and tampering is a social necessity. Unfortunately, most of the web is still unencrypted, because enabling TLS/SSL can be confusing, and often some critical steps are left out.

Source: Why We Need to Encrypt The Whole Web… Library Websites, Too | LITA Blog


Libraries are bridging the digital divide

2013.11 wifi-158401The Librarian in Black has an interesting post about “The Public Library as Your Community’s Digital Bridge.” She discusses the recent Pew Internet and American Life Project results about broadband adoption in the US. In particular, there are “17% of the U.S. population that does not have any kind of independent, personal internet access.” It is the role of the libraries in this country to bridge the need for this access for this 17%.

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Library Technology Blogs

Need some recommendations for great blogs for and about technology in libraries? Check out this great article on State Tech Magazine: “Required Reading: 6 Indispensable Library Technology Blogs.” The six blogs recommended are:

A few of these were already on my list. The others I will check out for myself.

Do you have any “must read” blogs to add?

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