Guns in Libraries

American Libraries has an interesting article discussing the reality of concealed handguns in the library. In many places, if it’s legal to carry the gun, it’s legal to carry it into the library. In other words, the library cannot forbid customers from bringing guns into the building. Read more about it.

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Links, posts and stories you may have missed: March 14

10 Online Privacy Tips for Librarians” has a good round-up of common sense (and not-so-common) tips to keep your privacy and information safe.  The list includes: Change Your Passwords and Make them Secure, Password-Protect Your Devices, Beware of Free Public WiFi, Edit Your Privacy Settings, and Don’t Respond to Spammers at All.

Need help figuring out if that image you created for your library belongs to you or the library? Check out “Copyright for Librarians and Teachers, in a Nutshell” from American Libraries Magazine. It’s a great place to start. 

Public Relations
A summary of the PR session at ALA Midwinter is the focus of “The Digital Revolution of PR” at American Libraries.

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