Texas State Library third most social media state library

According to this American Library Association report (which I found via, the Texas State Library (TSL) is ranked as the third most social media-friendly state library in the country. 

To determine which state libraries are doing the best job of managing their social media presence, we gathered usage stats for each of the 50 libraries on the top social media platforms. Points were assigned based on the amount of activity and number of followers and weighted to put more emphasis on the platforms that were used by the most libraries. The maximum possible score was 100, with 28 points possible for Facebook, 22 for Twitter, 21 for Flickr, 20 for YouTube, 5 for LinkedIn, 3 for Pinterest, and 1 for Google Plus.

TSL scored 83.5 out of the possible 100 points. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn


What do library users want?

The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project recently published the results of a survey: “Library Services in the Digital Age” (PDF file). The takeaways address the question: “What do library users want?” An article from American Libraries lays out the takeaways:

  1. People love their libraries even more for what they say about their communities than for how libraries met their personal needs.
  2. Libraries have rebranded themselves as technology hubs.
  3. The public wants everything equally, so library leadership will matter in setting priorities.
  4. The public invites you to be more engaged in knotty problems.
  5. Libraries have both a public relations problem and an opportunity.
  6. The target audiences for engagement and outreach are not hard to identify.

Read the article, or the report. Both are illuminating. 

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