We’re in NPR’s gaming article!

One of my librarians, Sandy Farmer, was recently included in a story NPR did on gaming in the library. I’m a little bit geeked out about it.

Sandy Farmer is the manager of Central Youth Services for the Houston Public Library, which has four Nintendo Wiis, four Xboxes, several Nintendo DSs, some iPads, seven PlayStations and a few big-screen TVs.

“It’s a primary part of our service that we offer, and it results in a 15- to 20-percent increase in the circulation of books,” Farmer says.

In other words, more video games in the library means more books getting checked out.

“The kids and the teens spend more time here,” Farmer says. “Families come — their parents have things to do on the computers, because a lot of the families don’t have computer access at home, so the kids have some things to do and while they’re here. They find out, ‘There’s Superman. I can read Superman.’ “

and further in the story

Farmer, of the Houston Public Library, agrees.

“I have a room full of teenage boys that are happy, and the library is the coolest place they know,” she says. “And video games are a part of that.”

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NYPL’s All-Night Scavenger Hunt

I just read an article in Library Journal about the NYPL All-Night Scavenger Hunt. Impressive! I’m very jealous. Read about it. Or just play the game.

For the remainder of 2011, both app and website will remain freely available for anyone interested in playing. Visitors to NYPL can bring their smartphones along on their own leisurely hunt. Visitors to can partake in a virtual version of the game, write their own essays, and read any already submitted.


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