Tacoma Food for Fines collects 18k+ items

The News Tribune reports that Tacoma Public Library‘s Food for Fines program managed to collect more than 18,000 items for food banks. That’s impressive. These items managed to reduce 1,097 customer accounts by an accumulated total fines of $24,284.50. This was accomplished by allowing customers to reduce fines by $10 for each three items donated.

I’m not sure how long libraries have been doing food for fines programs, but they’ve been around as long as I’ve been in the library world (more than a decade). The idea is to give customers a way to reduce their fines and come back as customers once again, all the while doing something good for the community. Doing some reasearch I found an old article in Marketing Library Services dated March 2001 that gives tips on how to run and promote a Food for Fines program at your library. 

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