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I don’t listen to the radio any more. I realized this earlier this year, even though it’s something that happened a while ago. I listen to Pandora and iTunes for music, and I get my audio “news” from podcasts. Yes, this includes the Wall Street Journal and local radio talk shows. But my favorites are invariably Grammar Girl, For Immediate Release, and others like that. These podcasts are specific to my industry, what I do for a living, or just the things that make me geek out.

For those of you who need some inspiration on podcast about and for librarians, David Lee King has pulled together a nice list to get your started:

List of Librarian Podcasts (the first two swiped from Bobbi’s post):

  • Whatever Mathers: Creative conversations with host Amy Mather and a revolving cast of surprise guests.
  • Circulating Ideas: the Librarian Interview Podcast: Interviews with librarians.
  • NCompass Live, from the Nebraska Library Commission: focus on library trends.
  • This Week in Libraries: Eric and Jaap from the Netherlands host a weekly video show with a bunch of interesting guests, usually talking about the future of libraries. Definitely international in scope.
  • T is for Training: call-in live show/podcast focused on training
  • Games in Libraries: A podcast about Games, Gaming, and Gamers in Libraries (sporadic at the moment)
  • Adventures in Library Instruction: A monthly podcast by and for library information literacy instructors and teaching librarians. The show includes features, interviews and discussion about teaching in libraries.
  • LibPunk: Live call-in show/podcast focused on hot topics in libraryland

I’m going to check these out and add one or two to my listening list. 

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