Links, posts and stories you may have missed — February 14

Here’s a resource for your student who need help setting up the correct citation format for their research paper. EasyBib will take their website, book, etc. and convert it to MLA, APA and Chicago style.Very useful. Free! Available at

Social media & the law
The Illinois Library Association’s magazine, “Reporter,” has a great article about the legal issues libraries need to deal with when approaching social media. “Legal Issues Relating to Online Social Networking” is a very good article that looks at open records and privacy. It also gives some tips on developing a social media policy. You can read the article via this pdf link.

Libraries Matter
“Why do we still need libraries?” is a question I get a lot, much to my dismay and bafflement. Check out this Forbes story, “Why Public Libraries Matter: And How They Can Do More” for the real answer: “they are dynamic, versatile community centers.” Yes, yes we are. 

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