Libraries have a PR problem

From a recent post in Librarian in Black, “Internet Librarian 2013 – The New Library Patron

2. Libraries have a PR problem.

People don’t know what we have and what we do.  Half of people surveyed say they know some of what is going on at the library. 30% know not much or nothing at all of what libraries offer.  Rainie says these numbers should distress us.  There are ways for us to address this knowledge gap though.  Library non-users are primed to listen.  They like us, they read books, and they have at one point or another visited a library.  We have to start selling ourselves in ways we never used to have to do, and perhaps are uncomfortable with.

So true. This is a daily challenge for me — most people I speak with have the minimal information on what a library is and does. for most people, it starts and ends at books. Today’s library is still a great place to access books, but we are also a focal point for other types of literacy: digital, financial, health, etc.

We need to find ways to do a better job of imparting this, while working within the limited resources we all know we have.

How, exactly, do we do that?

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