Libraries as shelters

Bonnybbx / PixabayFor those of us who have worked in libraries, the concept that a library location can (and does) serve as a shelter in times of emergency is… well, commonplace. I’ve seen the aftermath of people using libraries as storm shelters. I’ve seen libraries provide after-event services including places to recharge your cell phones and to get in out of the heat, as well as where you can go sign up for government services and aid.

Libraries as shelters, for me, isn’t a concept, it’s reality. So, coming across this articles dated 2013 from the New York Times, talking about this reality as if it were somehow a groundbreaking idea was an interesting experience. “To some extent, churches, libraries, schools and malls already serve as emergency centers…” the article reads, with an explanation that they can be built better, “With disaster in mind, they could be designed in the future with electrical systems out of harm’s way and set up with backup generators and solar panels, even kitchens and wireless mesh networks.”

It’s an interesting read, regardless of whether you already knew that libraries serve as shelters… or not.

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SOURCE: Next Time, Libraries Could Be Our Shelters From the Storm –

IMAGE SOURCE: Bonnybbx / Pixabay

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