Do we need more coffee shops in libraries?

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This article in Forbes makes the argument that libraries need to change their business models and would benefit from copying (and partnering with) Starbucks: “Why There Should Be A Starbucks In Every Local Library.” The writer asserts that one reason that Starbucks is a better model is not just the coffee, but the less restrictive environment.

Do you have a coffee shop or even vending machines in your library?

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Source: “Why There Should Be A Starbucks In Every Local Library

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  1. The system where I am has a Jewish deli, a Gourmet cookie & coffee business, a breakfast place, & one empty cafe awaiting a new tenet. Some revenue comes back to us in the form of rent, it is a convenience to our customers, and it offers a catering ease for meeting room usage, which is fairly high at those locations. However, there are also issues to consider and for many reasons, we opted not to put a full cafe in the newest location (maintenance costs, square footage, cost added to total project were some factors) but instead we have a self serve coffee space planned in the community living room, & we hope to partner with and bolster local businesses around the site. It can be a struggle for the vendor & for the library, but we have also seen success with it, too. I don’t think it could be a cookie cutter model. There are really a lot if issues libraries & vendors must consider first at each location.


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