12 Ways Libraries Are Good for the Country

American Libraries has a great article (by Leonard Kniffel) entitled “12 Ways Libraries Are Good for the Country.” Definitely worth a read.

  1. Libraries sustain democracy.
  2. Libraries break down boundaries.
  3. Libraries level the playing field.
  4. Libraries value the individual.
  5. Libraries nourish creativity.
  6. Libraries open young minds.
  7. Libraries return high dividends.
  8. Libraries build communities.
  9. Libraries support families.
  10. Libraries build technology skills.
  11. Libraries offer sanctuary.
  12. Libraries preserve the past.

My favorite is “Libraries nourish creativity.”

By providing an atmosphere that stimulates curiosity, libraries create opportunities for unstructured learning and serendipitous discovery. As repositories not only of books but of images and a wide variety of media, libraries offer access to the accumulated record of mankind with assistance from professional staff delivering these resources through the physical library, the web, and outreach services.

So true.

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